Easter day 2022 falls on Sunday 17th April. Everyone is talking about happy Easter day 2022. This year it will fall on 4 April. Every year the date of Easter is changed. Because it’s celebrated according to the lunar calendar but its fall in between 22 March to 17 April. so now you have come to know that when is easter day 2022. You have also become aware of the event of easter day 2022 as well as all the events such as Maunday Thursday, Palm Sunday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

The parade is already the biggest and beautiful activity of any type of event and easter is the great festival and the parade is the compulsory activity of easter. Many professionals dancers, jokers, and women dancers are hired on these parades. As we know that this is the religious event of the year so everyone in this world tries to celebrate this event in a nice way.

Easter Sunday

People of all ages like young, kids and old men & women are dancing there crazily. Jokers are present in the parade for entertainment. All the kids become happy after seen the jokers. These jokers get up very beautifully and put makeup very well on their faces.

Fireworks display in many places of the entire world. But best of best fireworks show at some main places like in the United States. Fireworks displaying is the main festivity of easter that shows in the large number. The largest fireworks display at one place in the city. Moreover, People from all over the city must come to watch this displaying of fireworks on the eve of Easter. That’s the great doing activity of easter and this function arrange by the government and the management of the city. For this firework, display money is collected by the rich of the city.

Happy Easter day 2022

This year it will also display on the night of easter you may go and watch happy easter 2022 parties, programs, and functions that must be held at that great event of the year.

It’s the holiday of the Christian community and all the people celebrate that by doing all of the events. That one of the greatest festivals of the year moreover, that come one time in the year this is because people celebrate with happiness.

Easter is the great feast day of Christians it’s also called festivals of the feast. Easter is the end of the holy week, the end of Lent, and the last day of Easter Tridium. Basically, easter start after the celebration of the evening of Thursday of good Friday.

There are many traditions of easter events. All the people do many things on that day like, parades, fireworks, shows, parties, and concerts. There are many parades are held at many places by the management of each town.

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